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                     Welcome to OASIS Insurance

Gulf Oasis Insurance Brokers LLC was established in November 2005 and rebranded as OASIS Insurance effective September 2009.
Oasis Insurance is an upcoming Insurance Broker in UAE committed to providing quality customer service.
Brief Summary of the Executive Directors
Mr. Sridhar Subbaraman, BBA, FIII – A career insurance professional with over 15 years’ experience as an underwriters, reinsurance broker and insurance broker. Sridhar had partnered and managed a successful insurance broking house in UAE before joining us in leadership role. Sridhar has in the past also worked with Lloyd’s broker associates and multinational Insurance Company.
At Oasis Insurance we pride in our industry knowledge and practices and have made it our core objective to clearly understand our client’s business and their business process thereby providing optimum risk transfer mechanisms. We believe in providing an adequate customized programme to suit the needs of the insurance public rather than providing off the shelf products.
To us in OASIS Insurance we strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our Objective as your Insurance Broker

To understand the client’s business and understand the risks associated with each function of the client’s business.
To assess the approach and ability of the clients in managing their risk.
To advise the client on appropriate risk management techniques depending upon the need and appetite of the customer.
To review the existing insurance programmes and other risk transfer mechanisms in place and advice on the optimum programmes.
To identify appropriate insurers and risk carriers based on the customer’s need, the insurers ability, capacity and expertise in providing adequate insurance cover.
To represent the client with the insurers and providing accurate risk analysis to the insurers thereby maximize covers, incorporate extensions, clauses & delete restriction in the policy to reflect adequate cover required by the insured.
To ensure price competitiveness vis-à-vis the scope of cover & quality of underwriter.
To recommend & deal with financially sound companies, with sound underwriting skills & quality of service.
To update insurers of any material information which may alter the risk perception and ensure that the renewal follow up with the insurers for appropriate terms commensurate with the improvements in risks and past claim experience.
To review the policy wordings, clauses in detail and ensuring their aptness to the risk profile. As your insurance broker, we would embark on imparting knowledge as to how each of the policies operates; rights and duties of our customers at various stages.
Conduct periodic review in line with agreed annual service plans with the customers and advise any changes required to the insurance programme.
As your broker, we are in a unique position of providing a basket of insurers for each of your exposure thereby providing you with the best underwriters in the market.

An insurance contract is utilized only when an incident occur leading to a claim. As your insurance broker we will handle, manage the claim through the entire process of intimation, analyze the cause of loss, assist you in preparing the claim documents, manage and assist you in addressing loss adjusters queries and finally up to the settlement of the claim. In short, as an insurance broker we are with our clients, for our clients and by our clients in assisting them to return to normalcy.

How do we achieve our objectives to our customers?

Whilst we represent the insurance industry as a whole, we are bulk buyers of insurance programmes for and on behalf of our customers and therefore we are in a unique position of able to obtain competitive prices for our customers.
We relieve the underwriters of having to maintain relationship with each of its customers, therefore are in a better position to understand the risk involved and quote the adequate and competitive premiums.
As we strive to understand our customer’s business and arrange bespoke insurance programme, we are in better position to represent the customer at the time of claim. The insurers and loss adjusters deal with fellow insurance professionals representing the interests of the customer.
Insurance Policies are legal contracts that require expertise and professional training to interpret and maximize the contract. We at OASIS Insurance believe we are partners in our client’s business and assume the role of becoming their risk management department by providing advices on risk management, analyze and arrange adequate cover and most importantly to handle the claims for and on behalf of our customers.
OASIS Insurance will agree with each of its customer’s an Annual Service Plan and Customer Service Charter thereby ensuring that the risk management and insurance is an ongoing process and suitably amended to meet the growing and changing demands of its customers.